Drive Safely on Dartmoor

Driving across Dartmoor is an absolute delight. The main roads are wide and well maintained, and the views are simply stunning. Please drive safely, and enjoy the journey.
40mph speed limit sign
Slow Down!
On the main cross-Dartmoor routes, the speed limit is 40mph. The speed limit is there for your safety, for the safety of other road users (including walkers and cyclists), and for the safety and welfare of the Dartmoor ponies, sheep and cattle which roam freely. In towns and villages, the speed limit is 20mph or 30mph. Dartmoor can be prone to mist and low-cloud, which is when you'll really need to slow down and use dipped headlights.

Stay Alert
Enjoy the views by all means, but always look ahead and be prepared to stop. Sheep don't have road-sense, and are likely to stroll out in front of you at any moment! You'll have a safer and more enjoyable journey across Dartmoor if you plan ahead and allow plenty of time. Our postcode for your SatNav is PL20 6SW, and you can always call us on 01822 892300 if you need help with directions.
Park Nicely
Please don't park on Dartmoor's grass verges or the fragile moorland itself, as you can cause damage which will take years to recover. The peat soil which covers much of Dartmoor holds water like a sponge, especially after a long wet spell, making it particularly vulnerable to vehicle damage. There are plenty of designated parking spaces on Dartmoor, especially close to popular walking spots, and you'll be doing the moor a favour by using them. You'll often find Dartmoor ponies close to car parking areas. They are a beautiful sight, but don't be tempted to feed them (it only encourages them to spend more time close to roads, where they are at risk from passing vehicles).