Fishing at Two Bridges

The Two Bridges Hotel is perched on the banks of the glorious West Dart river, making it the perfect spot for a day or two of superb Dartmoor fishing

The West Dart flows through one of the most beautiful valleys on Dartmoor, and is fed by several major tributaries.  It includes some of the largest fishing pools on Dartmoor, giving excellent opportunities for brown trout fishing, plus some opportunities for salmon and sea trout.  You’ll find glorious boulder-strewn sections, long glides and runs and deep pools.

In total, the East and West Dart and their tributaries offer some 25kms of river to explore and fish.

And if you need a guide or an instructor, we can put you in touch with one of our local experts.

Fishing Seasons

Salmon:  1st February – 30th September

Sea trout/brown trout:  15th March – 30th September

Fishing Permits

Fishing permits for the West Dart are available from Reception at the Two Bridges Hotel.

Salmon/sea trout:   Week £85   Day £30

Brown trout:  Week £30   Day £10

(We are currently able to accept cash payments only for fishing permits)

Conservation Measures and Restrictions

  • A fishing permit must be purchased before fishing, and should be carried at all times
  • Fly only
  • Single or double barbless hooks, no larger than size 6
  • All anglers must complete and submit a catch return


  • Before 16th June, all salmon must be returned
  • After 16th June, the first salmon caught may be kept, but not more than two salmon in the season
  • Return any hen salmon or salmon over 10lbs or which is coloured or tagged
  • Return all salmon in September to help preserve stocks

Sea Trout

  • No more than two sea trout may be kept per day
  • All coloured fish under 12 inches must be returned
  • No angler may retain more than 24 sea trout in the season
  • Return all sea trout in September to help preserve stocks

Brown Trout

  • Please return all trout under 12 inches
  • One fish over 12 inches may be kept per day
Fishing the West Dart
Fishing on the West Dart