Gym Facilities

Whether you are staying with us at the Two Bridges Hotel for a leisurely break or a fleeting business trip, we’ve arranged gym facilities for your use during your stay.

As Tavistock’s premier health and fitness club, at Peak Health and Fitness you’ll find over thirty pieces of fitness equipment, and a friendly and knowledgeable team of fitness experts.  There is free parking right outside, and a comfortable and friendly atmosphere inside, assuring you of a stress-free and inspiring workout.

The gym is a 20 minute drive from the Two Bridges Hotel.

Guests staying at the Two Bridges Hotel are offered a rate of £5 per day, payable directly at the gym, on presentation of a Guest Registration Card which you will receive at hotel check-in.  Please call 01822 611061 to arrange an induction session on your first visit.

Peak Health & Fitness Gym
Westbridge Trading Estate – Tavistock – PL19 8DE


Map showing directions from Two Bridges Hotel to Tavistock

Guests using the facilities at Peak Health and Fitness do so at their own risk.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have received an induction session from the staff at Peak Health and Fitness before using the gym, and to ensure that you follow all guidance provided.  The Two Bridges Hotel accepts no responsibility for any injury or loss caused when using these independent gym facilities.