Wistman's Wood Walk

Wistman's Wood is an amazing and beautiful group of stunted oak trees growing among granite boulders, and makes a great walk from the Two Bridges Hotel.
Wistman's Wood lies about a mile north of the Two Bridges Hotel, covers some 3 hectares, and is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. The wood is famous for its twisted and weathered dwarf trees, covered in mosses and lichens. The trees are mainly oak, but you'll also find mountain ash, hollies, and ground plants such as bilberry and woodrush, plus mosses, ferns and grasses.
There is no restriction on access to the woodland reserve, but visitors are asked not to light fires, and to keep outside any areas cordoned off for scientific work.

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Useful Information

The circular walk, taking in Wistman’s Wood and Crockern Tor, is approximately 5 miles, and you should allow a good 2 hours or so depending on your walking pace.

To start the walk, cross the main road directly to the side of the hotel, through a small car park and gate (take care crossing the road, due to the blind bend.)

Remember that the weather can change very quickly on Dartmoor, so you should wear plenty of layers and stout shoes or walking boots.  Make sure that you allow plenty of time to complete your walk before it gets dark!

Car Parking at the Two Bridges Hotel

Hotel Guests and Customers – free of charge.
Other Users – £5 for 4 hours – refundable against a purchase of food or drink.

Wistmans Wood walk guide and map

Pick up our Wistman’s Wood walk
leaflet and map at the hotel.

Map of walk to Wistman's Wood from Two Bridges Hotel

Dartmoor footpath to Wistman's Wood

Footpath leading from the Two Bridges Hotel towards Wistman’s Wood, following the valley of the West Dart river

Oak trees in Wistman's Wood

Ancient and mysterious oak trees and granite boulders in Wistman’s Wood

Longaford Tors on Dartmoor

A fairly steep but manageable climb from Wistman’s Wood to Longaford Tors

View across Dartmoor from Longaford Tors

Enjoy a stunning view of Dartmoor from Longaford Tors – here looking South East in the general direction of Dartmeet

Cattle on Dartmoor

Cattle graze freely on Dartmoor – keep a safe distance and pass quietly by 

Dartmoor grassland

The close-up detail of moorland grasses, flowers and mosses beautifully complements the glorious Dartmoor backdrop